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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery

Expert Oral Surgery

Many people have to deal with dental issues which sometimes can result in oral surgery. At locally owned and family operated Leonard A. Russell, DDS INC, Dr. Russell and the staff are committed to providing first-class service for all of your dental procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Grow Naturally or Cause Issues

From your late teens to the early twenties, your wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars that come in. Sometimes they grow in naturally through the gums with plenty of space. In other cases, they cause problems when they try to protrude through the gums.

When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it means that the tooth is coming in at an angle rather than straight. This angle can cause pain or the tooth can come in unevenly or may come in only partially. If impacted, wisdom teeth cause structural damage or bacterial growth. It is necessary to remove them to avoid larger problems.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

One of the greatest features of our office is that Dr. Russell is committed to having a practice where you only have to visit us for procedures and not travel to other specialists for treatments.

Tooth extractions, like with wisdom teeth, can be just a single tooth or all four wisdom teeth at one time. Depending on Dr. Russell's preference and your preference as the patient, you can use local or general anesthesia.

When your teeth are extracted, the dentist will first ensure that you're under anesthesia. The tooth or teeth will be loosened to be removed from the gums and you'll receive sutures to close up the area.

Rest is very important following this procedure. You'll need to be given a ride by a friend or family member due to the anesthesia. Bleeding, swelling, and soreness in your mouth are common. If bleeding continues after 24 hours, contact us. Dr. Russell may prescribe pain medication. Ice packs are often helpful in reducing swelling.

Bone Grafts Build Up the Jawbone

A bone graft is done to build up the jawbone to accommodate a dental implant or another restorative device. It's a common procedure often done for dental implants or other periodontal procedures. Dr. Russell has over 30 years of experience with bone grafting.

You can depend on our office for professional and safe dental procedures for all phases of dentistry under one roof!
Periodontal Protect Program 
We believe in doing everything we can for you short of surgery. The Periodontal Protect program is a non-surgical program that treats periodontal disease. This program can effetely kill 96% of the bacteria that causes periodontal disease.
Delivering Quality Oral Surgery Since 1985
"Dr. Russell was kind and knowledgeable. He explained what was going to happen before he began. He made me feel very comfortable while he and his assistant worked. Afterward, he went back over my plan, so I could see what progress was made and what was left to do. I love coming to his office. They make you feel like family."

- Uab, Cleveland, 03/05/16
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